Website Management

56% of all websites that are attacked are due to outdated plugins

What You'll Get

Our website management plans will give you peace of mind with our security and backup features. As a bonus, our plans include monthly small site changes so you won't need to do it yourself.


Secure Your Site
  1. Plugin Updates

    We'll make sure your site is up-to-date and fix minor bugs that may arise due to an updated plugin.

  2. Extra Security

    As part of our management plan, we'll add extra security measures to help prevent an attack.

  3. Backups

    It's impossible to ensure that nothing will ever go wrong. That's why we take daily backups on your website's server and monthly backups on our own server to make sure we always have a backup plan.

  4. Changes

    Our management plan includes small changes (text, images, colors) that take up no more than an hour of our time every month. No more worrying about learning how to log in and do it yourself. That's what we're here for.

  5. Analytics

    Signing up for a management plan includes the installation of Google Analytics so you can keep track of your website's traffic.

  6. Speed

    The speed of your website will be monitored on a regular basis.

Website Management Pricing

Choose our management with hosting plan to make sure your website is always being taken care of.
  • Management & Hosting Plan

    Websites take a lot of time and technical knowledge to maintain. Our management plan will make sure your website is consistently maintained by a professional and we'll host your website on our virtual private server.



    • Basic plugins licensing included ($200/month value)
    • Personal support with our agency
    • Don't worry, we'll take care of any bug fixes
    • Peace of mind knowing that your website is always being monitored
    • Know who's visiting your site with our basic analytics setup
    • Make sure your emails will be delivered with our SMTP setup
    • We'll host your website on our virtual private server