Why Every Hairstylist Should Have a Website

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a hairstylist that is at a salon and coloring a brunette client's hair

Erika Huber

Think about it… When someone that really cares about how their hair looks wants to find a new stylist, what is the first thing they do? You got it! They go online. Why? Because you can tell a lot about a business from looking online. They can read reviews, see pics of your work, see pricing and find your location. One of the most important things that we sometimes forget is that not only are they looking for a great stylist or salon, but one that fit’s their personality and style is a must as well! Nobody wants to go to a stylist and sit in their chair for 2 hours and have nothing in common with them, only to walk out looking nothing like themselves. They’re looking for someone that gets them! That’s exactly what your website will provide to attract not only new clients, but your DREAM CLIENTS!

Social Media can only do so much for you. First of all, you don’t own your social media. Your Instagram and Facebook can shut down (it has happened) or your profile can get hacked anytime and then what would you do? Also, unless you’re paying for ads or just happen to be using the hashtag that a potential guest finds, then how does someone find you? OVER 90% OF PEOPLE WILL GO TO GOOGLE FIRST when looking for a local business and when they do, guess what? THEY WON’T FIND YOU unless you have a website, PERIOD. Having a website is just as important as all of your social media sites, even more so!


If you have a professionally built website, customers will be more likely to see you as a legitimate business. I’m sure at some point, you have come across a business that you found on social media and either they were missing a website or their website was so bad that you all of a sudden start questioning whether their business is real or not. Or think about a time that you came across someone’s website and it was amazing! I bet you instantly thought of them as being successful in their business. This is exactly what future guests will think about when seeing your professionally design website. You”ll receive instant credibility!


Looking something up online is so much easier than having to call and have a conversation with someone to ask a question about your business. That’s why people would rather experience your business online before experiencing it in person or over the phone. A website will give future guests a place to answer all of their questions before they even contact you. By the time they’re done browsing your website, they will know what services you offer, what you specialize in, what products you use, real life testimonials from clients, and a portfolio of all of your amazing work! By the time they’re done browsing your site, they will know whether you’re the stylist for them and they’ll be ready to click on that “Book Now” button.


Your website can dramatically change the way a future guest can view you as a stylist and can create emotion in them just with how your website is designed. Because of that, it will deter the type of people that aren’t your dream guests and it will attract your DREAM GUESTS! Imagine knowing that all of your new guests will be the exact type of clientele that you have been looking for!


As I mentioned above, most people, when searching for a local business, will search on Google before scrolling through random hashtags trying to find a stylist. Google is just much simpler to find a business, so that is why most people will use it. So if you have a website, then now you just opened up a whole new way for new guests to find you! And guess what?! You now have the option to compete against entire salons for new clientele! (Possibly even out rank them) I will dive more into that in another blog post, but with the right strategy, it’s definitely possible.

Basically, it’s 2023 and if you have a business, then you should have a website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a suite renter, booth renter or even a commission stylist. It’s never too early to have a website for your business. Start browsing our website templates and see which one is right for you.